Senior storyboard artist with +10 years experience.   Storyboard Pro / Panelforge / Photoshop

Focused in 2D - 3D comedy/action-driven series

 Client list includes BlueZoo, Cartoon Saloon, Sun Creature, Boulder Media, Flying Bark...

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26x11' animated TV series.
Cartoon Network/Sun Creature


LEGO Monkey Kid

10 x 11' Animated TV series. 

Flying Bark Productions 2019


Rescue Bots Academy

Storyboards & Animatics

52x11' animated TV series 

©Hasbro-Boulder Media


Danger Mouse

Season 1-2

Storyboard & Animatics

52x11' animated TV series

 BBC / Boulder Media


Mi Little Pony :

Pony Life

Storyboards and animatics  

52x5' animated TV series. 

Hasbro / Boulder Media 2019



Storyboards & animatics

Mobile game. Storyboards/animatics exploring specific bits of the game. 

Supercell / Sun Creature


Luo Bao Bei

Season 2


52X11' Animated TV series. 

Cloth Cat Animation


4 and a half Friends

Storyboards & Animatics

Pilot episode. 

26x26' animated TV series. Edebé Audiovisual



Tiny Ones Transport Service

Storyboard (test)

75x11' episodes

 Disney Jr. / Titmouse


Lucky Fred

season 1

Storyboards & Animatics

52x11' animated TV series. 

Disney/Imira Entertainment


Victor & Tube

Character development

52x11' animated TV series.

 Imira Entertainment

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